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PARAÍSO - Main Stage

The room fills with a bass, softly, like a rising tide. A wave, slowly dragging you towards the steel gray ocean. When describing Santiago García's music, metaphors of nature and ancient tales seem appropriate.

Born and raised in vibrant Buenos Aires, Santiago García currently resides in Spain. He always creates a smart sound, never too pushy but always deliciously challenging, that works on big festival stages as well as on psychedelic after-hours. A unique balance, hitting that sweet spot that not only made him well known in the South American electronic music scene, but led him to be discovered by Innervisions Crew, who quickly invited him to release on their Sublabel Exit Strategy and not much Some time later, invited to release music on Innervisions.



PARAÍSO - Main Stage

Gabriele Poso was born on October 22, 1978 in Sardinia, in the heart of the Mediterranean, but grew up in Lecce, the capital of Salento.

Since his childhood he had a deep connection with music, and he felt like he was truly born when he discovered his family's vinyl collection, made up of jazz, soul and Afro-Latin music.

Over time, Poso has dedicated himself to the study of various instruments, paying special attention to the guitar, which he uses to give life to his best compositions. His subsequent musical explorations took him to the fascinating world of percussion, which would become a true reason for life for him.

In 1998 he began studying Afro-Cuban percussion at the “Timba” Music School in Rome, under the tutelage of the most important representative of Afro-Cuban culture in Italy: Roberto “Mamey” Evangelista. In 2001, he moved to S. Juan, Puerto Rico to deepen his musical knowledge at the “Inter-American University of Puerto Rico” and attended master classes at the “National School of Art” in Havana Cuba.



PARAÍSO - Main Stage

Cee ElAssaad is a Moroccan DJ/musician/producer who is currently making his mark around the world. His style is clearly organic and exudes originality. He dedicates many hours of study, where each piece he creates is meticulously crafted and with great detail. ​

House, afrobeat, soul, jazz and hip-hop are his main influences, fusing a flurry of genres to create something fresh and distinctly his own. It bridges the gap and blurs the gap between different types of music, taking its listeners on a journey through vibrant soundscapes and emotion-filled feelings.

His career as a DJ has accelerated over the last 10 years, where he has been bringing his amazing anthems to the world. He has signed to several legendary labels: Stereo Productions, Ibadan Records, Connected Frontline, Tribe Records and King Street Sounds, just to name a few.



OASIS - Tropic Stage

KillaBeatMaker is a Colombian musician-producer born in the city of Medellín, Antioquia. His music seeks to connect the sounds of folk and traditional music from South America with electronic Afro rhythms.

In their performance you can find a Live Set proposal of three musicians on stage performing their compositions with Colombian folk instruments such as the female bagpipe, the tumbara, the cheerful and the maracones.

For its part, the DJ set format takes a global tour of different artists of the genre.

As a producer and engineer, he has been working with artists of international stature for more than 15 years, and is recognized in the music industry in Colombia for his versatility and ease in developing proposals with different musical genres.



AFRODISIA - Club Stage

Natural Language is Andy's vision of electronic music. Protagonist of the first Boiler Room in Andalusia and the viral moment where he mixed "Tangos de Copera" by La Plazuela.

The 22-year-old producer and DJ from Granada has released music with labels such as none/such, Mareo, Ego-trip, Breaking Bass and Masa Series in which he released his first EP on vinyl.

His music comes with a lot of variety, flowing through electro and breakbeat vibes loaded with an acid/melodic touch, and on the other hand, he also goes into more club sounds and bootlegs, influenced by the music he has been surrounded by all his life. such as hip hop, reggaeton, flamenco and other genres, demonstrating its versatility in many fields.



AFRODISIA - Club Stage

Kilian Gonzalez is known as Highkili mc, or Hi-Ki in his role as a DJ. Born in Gran Canaria and known musically for being part of the collective BONG, PubPelukas, Opera or his latest creation, Gárgola.

He forges his artistic mentality in the birds of the island, where his different styles and influences are consolidated. Currently he is characterized as an eclectic artist in his DJ sets and concerts, including varied rhythms that range from the most tropical sound characteristic of the Canary Islands to the electronic UK sound in its numerous variants.

He usually travels with Woodhands, his DJ and partner in crime since the beginning. The synergy they have goes beyond the live shows, since they enjoy their b2b sessions to the fullest.



OASIS - Tropic Stage

Piri or ThePiriexPirience is a native of Lanzarote and resident in Tenerife (Punta Hidalgo), passionate about vinyl records, collector and Selector (more than a DJ) he has spent a lifetime connected with MUSIC in any of its aspects (concerts, groups, vinyls, sessions, festivals, themed events...).

From the perspective of giving his sets the freshness and transversality that he proposes, he has inclined his preferences and motivations towards sound and "warm up" at festivals, cultural events, theme parties, and small clubs where he acts as "main DJ", where The recovery of the street, public spaces, and respect for the environment are hallmarks of their actions.

One of the faces of the successful Malvasoul Lovefest project, together with his presence and vitality to the dishes, have made him a regular in recent years throughout the Canary Islands at consolidated events and festivals such as JAMEOS MUSIC FESTIVAL, ARRECIFE EN VIVO, or TROPICALIA sharing a booth with renowned national and international artists.



OASIS - Tropic Stage

Mr.Kangrejo is truly passionate about music; a hobby that comes from an early age, concentrating since the late nineties on African-American sounds and their more tropical aspects.

His sessions are full of soul, funk, jazz, afrobeat, Brazilian, Latin jazz, disco, rare & world grooves.

Resident in Gran Canaria, he has held sessions in Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, La Graciosa, La Palma, Tenerife, Segovia, Avilés and Madrid. He has participated in festivals such as 'Jazzindance', 'Noches de Soul', 'África Vive', 'Mueca', 'Tropicalia', 'Sonidos Líquidos', 'Maspalomas Costa Canaria Soul Festival', 'Festival Internacional Canarias Jazz & más Heineken' and 'WOMAD'.



PARAÍSO - Main Stage

She was born in Brazil and from a very young age she traveled a lot and experienced her restlessness until she discovered her artistic vein as a teenager. He develops by composing and singing his own songs, until the moment he discovers the mixing console.

She arrives in Tenerife in 2021 where she has been very active, demonstrating very good taste in musical selection. Influenced by the rhythms of her native land in her mixes, she moves within the House genre, choosing tribal notes and roots, exotic and tropical rhythms, fused to the most current electronic bases.

He gains space in the Lo Squalo Events collective, active in Tenerife since 2009, and quickly obtains residency in "Exótica", an electronic music cycle of world rhythms. He has also been able to demonstrate his talent by making himself sweat on the dance floor of clubs such as Casablanca Disco bar, in the House Music Club series.



AFRODISIA - Club Stage

Adrián Denniz is known because when he takes charge, his music from the future makes you twerk to the ground.

Canarian DJ with more than 10 years of experience has performed his music in many corners of the Canary Islands, the Peninsula, London and Naples. He is currently a resident every Friday at Papagayo Beach Club.

Despite being a DJ known mostly for playing Reggaeton, his sessions are usually very varied and he dares to do everything. For how young he is, he has been fully involved in the scene for a long time, where he is already recognized as a leading DJ in Tenerife.



OASIS - Tropic Stage

The same thing sends you on a trip with its mestizo electronics as if it puts vervain into your veins without anesthesia.

Select musical rhythms with tropical roots in Latin America and Africa as a source of inspiration. Music that fuses traditional folklore with modern electronics.

Fresh and dance sessions from the deepest tropical corners.



PARAÍSO - Main Stage

He began his career as a selector at the end of the nineties in various locations in Madrid. He moved to the Canary Islands where he began to program and create music in legendary venues such as Rumm, Paraiso 76 and Café Del Mar (Franchisee of Ibiza) and to promote legendary festivals such as (Jameos Music Festival, Malvasoul Love Fest or Costademusicas).

Currently with his new AKA. Mr.Paradise has had the opportunity to enjoy selecting in such distant places Madrid, the Canary Islands, Barcelona, Ibiza, Lisbon, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Berlin, London, Lisbon or New York.

He has worked in a multitude of festivals and events where he has shared stages with artists such as Calle 13, Molotov, Kevin Yost, Cee El Asaad, John Morales, Pablo Fierro, Rinocerose, Asian dub Fundation, Denge Dengue Dengue, Omar Souleyman, Bomba Estéreo, Instituto Mexicano Del Sonido, Estrella Morente, Mestiza Djs, Memo, Víctor Simonelli, Nickodemus or New York Ska Ensamble.



PARAÍSO - Main Stage

Emma Play is a lover of good music. A taste acquired during more than 20 years of tireless search for diverse styles and genres.

A careful aesthetic and a personal chic style derived from her time in the world of fashion are a perfect complement to her sessions as a selector.

Nu Soul, Disco, Indie and sexy and melodic electronica mark open-minded sessions for adult audiences. He began his musical career at the emblematic Sala Siroco in Madrid with his Musical alter Egos, Les Blonds Djs and has played in terraces as impressive as Yucas Benalmadena, Grace Riviera or Breeza by Melia, Lanzarote, Hotel Santo Mauro in Madrid and in Madrid venues. , Siroco, Oficina 52 or Gloria Bendita or boogaclub Granada.



OASIS - Tropic Stage

Anthony Play has been involved in the audiovisual world for more than 25 years. From a very young age he founded his own company, New Line One S.L., with which he produced and collaborated on multiple projects.

A collector of vinyl records from a very young age, influenced by the sounds derived from Jazz, Funk, Soul, and House, in 2015 he made the decision to take them out for a walk and began making musical selections at different venues and festivals on the Islands.



AFRODISIA - Club Stage

Ninf.A is an artist who creates a gap in sound aesthetics and musical identity. Developing in the Canary Islands, it focuses on electronic, voguing and folklore sounds, generating a connection between the origin and the future.

In parallel, it has created an interest in the Canarian fashion, dance and ballroom culture scene. By fusing all these elements, this artist expands in a multidisciplinary way.



AFRODISIA - Club Stage

PATRI, aka IRTAP, a round trip, with your eyes closed, without leaving the dance floor.

Influenced by her love for global sounds of today and always, her sets transport us to many countries and styles: rnb, dancehall, dembow, afrobeats, amapiano, gqom, kuduro, bass, uk funky, afro club, funky favela, dance funk, jungle, footwork, grime, drill and electronic music in general.

With his presence, permanent smile and forcefulness, IRTAP is sweetness and extreme dance. Her energetic sessions full of bass and bass have made her a regular DJ on the Canarian scene and they have accompanied us in many tropical editions. On the islands we have been able to hear it in Sunblast, Ritmos del Mundo, Planet Love, Öpera, Lava Circular, Tropicalia, El Brunch, PinkFlamingos, Vaalbará, MAC Club, PubPelukas,, MalvaSoul, Flashback, Closing Summer, CanariasSurfFilmFest, Ondas, PuntaParadiso... In addition He has played for Boiler Room and Jokkoo Collective and in legendary national clubs, such as Sala Apolo, Sala Razzmatazz, Sala Caracol, Café Berlin, Sala Dabadaba and Sala X.



AFRODISIA - Club Stage

SAM AM is an audiovisual artist from Tenerife (Canary Islands), DJ and music producer with a long history in the local scene. Their sets range from global underground sounds, through the UK scene in all its aspects to ending with the most contemporary club music. He has been part of parties and festivals such as Opera, Suave Club (Razzmatazz), Ventú! (Apolo), Her Festival, Lava Circular, Pub Pelukas x Micromusic, Vaalbará, Mac Festival, etc…

With several EPs, Edits and Remixes published, in 2021 he published the debut EP 'WAHA' with his aka Shameer, which was played on Radio 3, BBC Radio, NTS Radio, Crack Magazine, Rinse FM, Radio Flouka or Sónar Festival. He is currently part of the Ninf.A project, by the artist from Gran Canaria, where he works as a DJ and producer.