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Music is a mission, not a competition. That's Megablast's mantra, and it's never been more appropriate. Megablast stands out as a true musician and a true human being.

Although he is a DJ at mega clubs like Heart, Pacha and Ushuaia, he is no ordinary set designer. He has an excellent collection of vintage synthesizers in his Ibiza studio, but credits his young daughter as his biggest creative inspiration. His perspective on life has completely changed since becoming a father. The stress of the music industry has been replaced by the nature of the Ibiza countryside and spending alternate weeks in Austria with his daughter.


Enjoying an innate island self-confidence, he moves between baroque rhymes, twisted alliterations and wild aesthetics. His personal way of rapping, his playful and slow rhymes, his juggling with words, his hesitant flow and his peculiar image have turned him step by step into one of those artists who, from YouTube and free download, has been raising a small tower with a solid base. The Canary Islander MC avoids clichés and avoids the most obvious fashions.

Their latest collaboration is on “Lo que hay”, the third single from ‘Blasfem on air’, the album by producer BLASFEM. The artist has also collaborated in “The Kiss War” alongside Macaco and Ana Mena, who tell about love relationships and their complexities, diversities and transcendence. Bejo starts 2022 in the best possible way and doing what he likes most, music. The artist also brings us “La Retahíla” where the Canarian mc, taking advantage of his time in North America, once again uses his imagination to “collaborate” with great legends of Hip Hop, who are none other than Eminem and Nas, in addition of “LA FLORINATA”, accompanied by a video clip filmed in New York, where the artist has transmitted all his potential in the form of hiphop.

Eribertho Cruz

The Cuban singer and percussionist Eribertho Cruz is one of the most prestigious salsa musicians in Ibiza.

He has performed in the best live music establishments on the island, such as the old Pereyra Theater, and some of the best DJs in the world have done sessions with his percussion and voice as the main ingredient; among them Roger Sánchez and Megablast.

It offers small-format concerts, but also has a powerful salsa band, Alma Cubana, made up of other great musicians established on the island.


DidjeDoo is an experienced DJ from Italy, a soul explorer and life enthusiast who is deeply attracted to organic tropical beats, African rhythms and low frequencies. He has been collecting sounds from around the world and bringing them to the dance floor, aiming for the unity of music through cultural diversity.

In 2021 he joined Turntables On The Hudson, the label born from the legendary global parties organized by Nickodemus.

Their debut album was released on April 22, and has been receiving great support from DJs, clubbers and event/festival consumers around the world.


Jungleo is the anarchy of the jungle.

It triggers tropical sounds and afrobeats combined with hits from all decades to the rhythm of forceful bases.

Preparing the songs, putting them in the cocktail shaker and shaking the audience to serve it very cool.

Present in the best festivals and venues in Spain (Low Festival, Sonoma Ribera, Warm Up, Senses and a long etc.) it also has an international tour, touring in Cuba and Mexico and performing in London, France, Portugal and Poland among others.

Are you ready to listen to advanced music?

Andy Grey

Andy Gray is one of the DJs and producers who are already glimpsing what the clubs of the future will be like thanks to her energizing mix of Latin rhythms and peripheral sounds like Afro house.

Whether from the booth of the best venues in Madrid, at various national and international festivals or from the Gladys Palmera station (2015 Ondas Award, with more than two decades committed to making Latin American music visible), where she serves as head of programming and He hosts the electronics program Don't Kill My Vibes.

His career started in the Canary Islands with the program Play Hard for Onda 7 Tenerife and since then he has designed the soundtrack for events for brands such as Ballantines and Heineken. Versatile, fun, spontaneous and charismatic, the new times sound to the rhythm of Andy Gray's sessions.


The same thing sends you on a trip with its mestizo electronics as if it puts vervain into your veins without anesthesia.

Select musical rhythms with tropical roots in Latin America and Africa as a source of inspiration. Music that fuses traditional folklore with modern electronics.

Fresh and dance sessions from the deepest tropical corners.

Dj Vik

Dj Vik will be the representative DJ of INDIA of TROPICALIA BOLLYWOOD Regular on the HINDU scene, in Tenerife and the Canary Islands, he will bring us all the sounds related to his homeland.